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Team Tammy Miranda

Tammy Miranda, is suffering from a very rare disease that is life threatening.

Recently, Tammy was told by a team of doctors she only had several months to a year at best to live without a liver/ bile duct transplant. There are 4 stages to this rare incurable illness....Tammy is in stage 4 (End Stage) 

She has a very rare genetic overlap autoimmune disease called Primary Billiary Cirrhosis w/ AIH and PSC; Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis and Lupus Erythematosus. One in about 25 million people are born with the predisposition for this overlap disorder. It is not viral, nor contagious, nor caused by anything she has done. It is something she was apparently born with that manifested into a very scary progressive illness. 

Tammy is in the process getting listed for transplant at Hawaii Medical Center East in Honolulu and her doctor is expediting the process where she will be evaluated for a transplant  then she must wait for an O- positive organ to become available before she dies. 

To donate to this cause:

We had to get a regular checking account(with use of checks and debit cards) However , all checks, or money orders need to be made out to Miranda Green or Tammy Miranda. This account number is a Chase Bank account: # 196-037-1531 : Example: Make Checks payable to : Tammy Miranda or Miranda Green and in the memo you may put any of these words.. Transplant Account, Benefit for Tammy, Transplant for Tammy, Team Tammy....! Once you have this account number you can deposit at any Chase Bank. If there is not a Chase Bank near you, you may send your donations to this address: 

Tammy Miranda
36 Waikalani Place
Kihei HI 96753



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